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In the modern age, the increasingly fast-paced nature of the world has made owning a car almost a necessity. Given...

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I n the modern age, the increasingly fast-paced nature of the world has made owning a car almost a necessity. Given how expensive cars tend to be, though, it’s essential to take care of their maintenance and protective gear to make them sustainable in the long term. Treating your car to the best car seat covers can be a crucial step in doing so.

Which Factors Determine The Quality of A Car Seat Cover?

Beautiful seats that make one want to curl up in them. Comfortable seats that keep the chiropractor at bay. Or how about a combination of both, so that you can find your haven in the car you have poured your blood, tears, and sweat into purchasing? That sounds about right! The best car seat cover should ideally offer you comfort and safety, along with being appealing to the eye.

It should protect your seat from getting damaged due to spillage of water or edibles, from rips and cuts (due to pocket knives, keyrings, or other items with sharp corners that can scratch the seat). They also carry the benefit of being low-maintenance compared to taking care of actual seats, which can mean a reduction in your car-related bills.

Here is a list of aspects that you should keep in mind before buying your next set of seat covers to make the best use of your money:

1. Water Resistance

One of the most common causes of leather seats being ruined is water spills. Therefore, getting a seat cover that deflects water and can be washed in machines is important. In this regard, Neoprene seat covers are a great option.

2. Thread Count

Because the insides of cars are often cleaned with a vacuum, seat covers with a high thread count can provide more protection against accidental cuts and daily vacuum cleaning.

3. Comfort

Your seat covers should make it comfortable for you to sit in your car, without resulting in you developing back problems or causing discomfort in any other form. The covers which are breathable and have a thick foam padding can add more comfort.

4. Size

Just like humans need clothes that are compatible with their body sizes, so do our cars’ seats. Loose-fitting seat covers aren’t a wise option here because they rub against the seat, hence reducing their durability. Custom-built covers, though more expensive than readymade ones, tend to do the trick of giving the perfect fit.

5. Aesthetics

It is famously said that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Your seat cover’s overall design, therefore, should be one that you find aesthetically pleasing and reflect your taste. This will also increase the chances of you receiving more compliments from your friends and colleagues – and who doesn’t like getting complimented over their choices?! Not to forget, make sure that your seat cover complements the interior of your car.

6. Compatibility

Cars come in all sorts of shapes and sizes; so do their seats. Choosing a seat cover that is compatible with features such as the airbag and seatbelt is, thus, essential.

Our Top Picks

Keeping in view the factors we have outlined above, here are some of our top picks for car seat covers so you could make a more well-informed decision while making your purchase. We have listed them in ascending order of prices so you could make the decision keeping your budgetary restrictions in mind:

1. FH Group Seat Covers

Coming at an amazingly economical price of $37.99, these seat covers are made of universal fit stretch fabric, and are available in a whopping variety of ten color combinations! They also offer full coverage for upholstery. Customers are advised to take some time to watch the instruction videos and to carefully compare the product’s compatibility with their car, to ensure the right fit for all their seats.

2. West Llama PU Leather Car Seat Bottom

Coming in at a negligibly higher price of $39.99, these covers are just great at protecting car seats from spills, along with ensuring that the consumers’ bums don’t burn in peak summer. They come in elegant colors like black, gray and beige – which never go out of fashion! Their non-slip backing and protective flaps provide room for the storage of phones and other tiny items, along with being particularly useful for child passenger car seats.

3. BDK PolyPro

These are the absolute best-selling seat covers on Amazon, priced just slightly higher at $44.57. They offer multiple benefits, including protection against stains and spills, breathability for increased ventilation, stylish designs, easy installation, and a universal fit. They are also suitable for machine washing. It’s an all-in-one package that is sure to make you happy with your purchase!

4. PIC Auto Mesh and Leather Universal Fit Car Seat Covers

Made out of Polyurethane leather trim and mesh seat inserts, these covers provide you the combined benefits of breathable fabric and washable leather. Available in an impressive range of nine colors, they are installed with elastic and hooks that keep the covers intact. What’s more, their design caters to detachable as well as non-detachable headrests. They are priced at $54.99.

In The End

The best car seat covers are an investment you will thank yourself for making in the years to come after the purchase. While there are many more options – priced significantly higher – available in the market, these picks will do the job without being too heavy on the pocket. Buy yours now!