Pros And Cons Of Tesla Cars That Potential Buyers Need to Know

In today’s world where development is being made to create more sustainable products, Tesla, a popular American vehicle manufacturer company,...

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I n today’s world where development is being made to create more sustainable products, Tesla, a popular American vehicle manufacturer company, has been working toward building electric-powered cars with cutting-edge technology. Since this company’s launch in 2003, Tesla has introduced about 6 cars, with each model having its unique design and properties.

We will be looking at a number of pros and cons of Tesla cars here. This can help potential buyers make an informed decision before going ahead with the purchase. 

Pros Of Buying Tesla Cars

These are some of the benefits of buying Tesla Cars:

  1. Technologically Advanced

Teslas are probably the most advanced cars out there in the market right now. It has features such as autopilot which enables the car’s driver-assistance mode, still being worked on extensively. The Tesla app enables the cars to be controlled from the owner’s personal mobile including features to lock the car, honk the horn, and review security footage among many more. It also has automatic wipers that get turned on when it starts to rain and its huge touchscreen console is used to undertake all operations of the car instead of fiddly buttons. 

  1. Low Running Cost

Yes, Teslas are very expensive cars, however, apart from the high cost incurred right at the beginning for the purchase of the car, the day-to-day running cost is quite low. Since they are battery-powered, fuel costs are reduced and the car’s battery lasts quite long. 

  1. Environmental Impact

These electricity-powered vehicles result in reduced dangerous emissions since the cars don’t rely on unsustainable fuel. This contributes to significantly better air quality, hence, having a positive impact on the environment. 

  1. Great Performance

A common thing that you will hear a Tesla owner say is that even taking one of these cars on a test drive will result in anyone wanting to never go back to a conventional fuel-powered car. This speaks volumes about the acceleration and the smooth performance of Tesla cars. 

  1. Beautiful Appearance of The Cars 

On top of all the advantages that Tesla cars have, the exterior and interior of these cars are also quite stylish. They have a sleek appearance except for their Cybertruck model and every car has an astonishing glass roof. Although this might not be a must-have for everyone, some people may still consider it as one of their priorities when looking to purchase a car. 

Cons Of Buying Tesla Cars

These are some of the disadvantages of buying Tesla Cars:

  1. High Prices

One of the major drawbacks of purchasing a Tesla car is its extremely high price. You can probably purchase a fuel-powered Sedan for a cost that is three times lower than that of the Tesla Model 3. These are the current prices of Tesla models:

  • Tesla Model 3 is $39,990 - $56,990
  • Tesla Model Y is $52,990 - $60,990
  • Tesla Model S is $79,990 - $99,990
  • Tesla Model X is $84,990 - $104,990
  • Tesla Cybertruck is $39,990 - $69,990

The repairs of Teslas are also equally expensive, adding to the exuberant costs. 

  1. Not Suitable For Long Commutes

Since Tesla Cars are battery-powered and due to these cars not being commonly used, there is a problem of not being able to find Tesla Superchargers everywhere. This is especially an issue for longer routes since other public charging options will not provide your car with the same level of charging that a supercharger would. A margin of overtime will have to be accommodated for this during your travel. 

  1. Hardware Upgrade Required For Software Update

Although software updates are constantly being worked on for these cars some of which will automatically take place on their own, this is not always the case. Some of these software upgrades will require upgraded hardware to be able to adapt precisely without slowing the car down. This hardware has to be purchased separately at an additional cost and might take a few weeks for one to acquire since Tesla faces quite a few inventory shortages.

  1. Not Suitable During Cold Weathers

In cold weather, Teslas tend to lose their range and it is likely you are already aware that this is the drawback of electric-powered cars. The main reason for this is the lack of heat production in vehicles powered via electricity as compared to fuel-powered ones. 

We hope that these pros and cons of Tesla Cars will give you the insight that was needed for you to be able to make a decision on whether or not, a Tesla is worth your money