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Why Get a Gaming Mouse?

If your regular mouse works just fine, you might not think much of a gaming mouse. After all, if you’re...

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I f your regular mouse works just fine, you might not think much of a gaming mouse. After all, if you’re getting by just fine then why not save those extra bucks to invest in a new gaming console. So why get a gaming mouse? 

Well, stick around to find out why a mouse that is specifically designed for gaming can take you from a rookie to a pro gamer in no time. A gaming mouse can add so much more to your gaming experience!

Why is a Gaming Mouse any Different from a Regular Mouse?

You might be wondering what is so darn special about a gaming mouse if your regular mouse can take down enemies in battle just the same. While at first, it might seem foolish to invest in a gaming mouse if you’re someone who does gaming occasionally. However, if you are a regular gamer and you want to improve your game, having a specially designed gaming mouse can give you an edge. If you want a mouse that is more ergonomic, robust, has additional functionality, and is geared for gaming performance, then gaming mice might be perfect for you. 

Gaming mice are designed to suit a variety of grip patterns, feature more buttons, and respond faster. This is ideal for real gamers out there. Here are some of the differences between gaming mice and regular mice

Mouse Sensitivity

Mouse sensitivity refers to the DPI (dots per minute) and CPI (counts per inch). While DPI is concerned with how the mouse pointer responds to movement on the display screen, CPI is concerned with movement detected by the mouse sensor. 

Both are important when it comes to first-person-shooter games like COD or Fort Knight. Regular mice have higher latency rates, meaning they are slower than gaming mice. Therefore, slowing down your gaming

Extra Buttons

Gaming mice have more buttons as compared to regular ones. You can also program those according to your personal needs. For example, when you need to change DPI in the middle of a shooter game, giving you an advantage. You can also program shortcuts for certain moves in a video game using the buttons.

Grip Styles

Different players have different grip styles depending on the games that they are used to playing. To improve their gaming experience, most gamers employ fingertip, claw, or palm grip methods. Your unique grip style is what dictates what kind of mouse would be most comfortable for you. Including its weight and form. Fortunately, gaming mice offer many different styles to choose from, unlike regular mice. 


Gaming mice aren’t constructed in the same way a regular mouse is. Its construction might be the biggest benefit it offers. When you’re using a normal mouse for extended amounts of time, your hand can start cramping after a while because it was not constructed with a gamer’s comfort and convenience in mind, on the other hand, is meant for comfort and is considerably gentler on your wrist. This is also beneficial for reducing the risk of wrist injuries in the long term.

Polling Rate

To put it simply, the polling rate is the rate at which the mouse signals the CPU for its location on the screen. Even if your DPI is the highest it can be, if your polling rate is low, you will face lag while gaming ruins the experience. 

The polling rate is measured in hertz and depending on the mouse’s model, It can typically range from 125Hz to over 1000Hz. A high polling rate offers input with low latency rates for the most high-intensity gaming, which is especially useful for individuals with quicker screens and competitive players. For the vast majority of individuals, 1000Hz is more than enough. 


Even though it’s not the most important aspect of functionality in a mouse, who doesn’t love a cool-looking mouse. If you are an aspiring gamer, you might be looking to build your PC, then you’ll have to buy a mouse that fits that aesthetic. 

Most gaming mice now have RGB lighting built-in which makes your mouse stand out. Even the durability of the paint on gaming mice is superior to that of normal mice because they’re designed for intensive use.

So, why get a gaming mouse? In conclusion, If you are a full-time gamer or someone who is looking to improve their game. They’re faster, more comfortable, increased performance, and on top of that, they look cool. A gaming mouse is just the thing you need to take you over the finish line.