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Why the Best Gaming Consoles Are Better Than PC Gaming

Either your birthday is coming up, and you’re being asked to choose a gift, or you’ve finally saved up enough...

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E ither your birthday is coming up, and you’re being asked to choose a gift, or you’ve finally saved up enough to buy a gadget you can game on. Now comes the heavy question: a console, or a PC? Well, we definitely recommend buying one of the best gaming consoles, like a PS4 or an Xbox One. Want to know why? Read below!

No Installing, Just Gaming

When it comes to consoles, all you need to do is put the CD in your console and wait a few minutes as the game downloads, and you can begin gaming. You don’t need to worry about any sort of installation tool or external drivers or anything else, you can simply just start your game. This is great for people who usually have friends over because you can simply insert a game and start without having to make your friends wait.

This is also great for people who switch games often, you can easily insert the CD of a new game and not have to wait for ages for it to install and download because it will just be a few minutes before you can enjoy your game! You also don’t need to adjust any settings as you do on your PC in order to keep the frame rate stable.

No Need to Check Specifications

When you have a console, games simply state the name of the console on them. PS4? Great. Xbox? Great. You don’t have to worry about RAM, ROM, graphics card, drivers, or any other pesky details when you buy a new game. However, for people with computers, checking specifications is very important as it determines whether the computer will be able to run that particular game.

If you don’t already have a PC but are building one in order to game, it will be much harder to do that than to buy a console because you will have to individually decide what to put in your PC build, so you can enjoy the games you want to.

Wider Variety of AAA Games

Many AAA games such as Red Dead Redemption 2 and God of War (2018) are not available on PC. If you are a die-hard gamer, AAA games are basically the perfect cream of the crop, and there’s no way anyone can be okay missing out on them.

For this reason, consoles are definitely better than PCs, because you do not have to worry about not having a particular update or a particular game, since most gaming companies release their titles for consoles first (or consoles only)!

Consoles Are Cheaper to Buy

You might be wondering how that’s possible. Well, even without an ongoing sale or some sort of promotional offer or a discount, a console will cost you less than building a PC would. Even so, the console would allow you to play the game in HD at 1080p, while the PC may not allow for that (depending on the monitor).

Oftentimes, buying a console means getting a game or two for free, and sometimes even a controller! You’d basically be set for a good few weeks of gaming if you buy a console package. You can even buy used CDs or share them with your friends, unlike PC gaming, which locks licenses to accounts.

Play on Your Sofa or Anywhere Else

You can plug in your PS4 and sit wherever you like in the room because most controllers are either wireless or have very long wires that can be moved around in the entire room. You don’t need to worry about a desk setup or making sure that your keyboard and mouse are in the right position, and you do not need to worry about any back pain.

This makes it very easy to play with friends when they come over because it allows everyone to be seated comfortably wherever they’d like instead of being huddled up near a PC monitor. Consoles are generally easier and more comfortable for gaming because their sole purpose is to be gamed on, whereas PCs are all-rounder machines and thus sometimes do not offer a personalized and streamlined gaming experience.

Now that you know which one to pick (a console, duh!), all you need to do is decide which brand you want. The front runners are PlayStation and Xbox, but you may even buy something compact like a Nintendo Switch if you like. Any of the best gaming consoles can easily beat a PC in comparison when it comes to gaming, so don’t think you’d be missing out if you buy a console!