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Why You Should Upgrade to the Best Monitors

Wondering why you should upgrade to one of the best monitors? Allow us to help you out. We have listed...

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W ondering why you should upgrade to one of the best monitors? Allow us to help you out. We have listed below some benefits of buying a new, high-end monitor. If you think you’d be spending too much money, there are always sales and promotions to wait for!

You Are Probably Using an Ancient Monitor

Monitors are some of the sturdiest and most long-lasting computer accessories. This means that while your monitor will last you a good decade, you will be left with old software and hardware by the time you decide to change your monitor. Most people just continue to reuse the monitor that they have each time they buy a new PC, be it a laptop or a CPU upgrade.

Since technology has evolved so quickly over the past couple of years, there’s a good chance that the monitor you have right now that seemingly works “perfectly fine” and has been by your side for 8 years is actually running on outdated technology. 

New Monitors Have Crystal Clear Displays

Now, if you’re thinking “hey, so do the old ones,” it’s probably not your fault. Your eyes have been accustomed to looking at what the old monitor you have shown you, but if you were to ever have a side-by-side comparison in a shop about displays and resolution, you’d probably be blown away.

This is primarily because most old monitors run on 720p, while some even have 1080p HD displays, but nothing can compare to the newest 4K and 8K technology. If you’re wondering what you need such a clear and sharp display for, keep reading, because we will dive into how a new monitor can positively affect your productivity.

Be More Productive

How you may ask? Good question! Buying a new monitor seemingly only feels like an upgrade and a ton of money, but in fact, it can actually have a bigger ROI than you expected. This is because newer monitors all have bigger and better screens, thus allowing the images to be easier on the eyes. Curved screens offer an immersive sense of viewing, which allows you to feel a real connection to what you are seeing as if it is happening in real-time.

Since bigger screens have more space, you can easily multitask by keeping multiple windows open at a readable size, and you won’t have to squint to make sense of what is written. Want to finish an email while you attend a lecture? Simple! Get a bigger monitor and open both tasks at the same time, and keep their windows separate, so they do not overlap. You can also use digital Sticky Notes and let them float on your screen to make sure that you are on top of your goals.

Be Immersed Through a Curved Screen

Whether you’re a fan of movies or simply like to stream your favorite sports online, you should buy a better monitor with a curved screen. As the screen folds around you, it feels like a very immersive experience. Curved screens are even better for gamers since they offer ergonomic comfort.

This is because when you’re sitting in your chair, you’re looking straight ahead at the screen. The slight curve of the screen makes it easier for the eyes to focus on the corners, which normally would have to be seen by turning your neck.

Get More Ports

Instead of buying a VGA to HDMI adapter, you will simply be upgraded to multiple ports at a time that you can use seamlessly for any kind of connection to your monitor. In fact, many new monitors even come with Bluetooth technology, so you can even enjoy wireless connectivity!

Besides just MORE ports, you can also find newer types of ports such as Type C and USB OTG, and even USB 3.0. This will save you a lot of mess and clutter on your table, as you can easily connect all your keyboards and mice to your monitor without needing an extension board with multiple connections.

You Will Probably Get an Upgraded Speaker

Newer monitors come with built-in speakers, and they’re not your usual normal speakers who give out sound simply because they are built to. These aren’t going to offer you cinema-like hearing, of course, but the newest technology will allow you to have a louder volume and cleaner audio without any chops.

This means that not only can you improve your experience of watching and streaming media, but you can also improve your video call experience if you upgrade to one of the best monitors.